‘Some ‘Odd’ Videos

Some ‘Odd’ Videos

1.  Actually this video isn’t odd.  This explains the change of the tables between the 2nd and the much simpler 3rd Edition tables:


2.  This a short video of the tide rip at the edge of the SW Sunk knoll.  Larry and I were conducting the annual survey of the SW Sunk in 2021 (ignore the date on the video).  A tide rip forms in the last couple of hours of the flood where the flood through the swatchway meets the flood SW down the Barrow Deep.  The agitation is exactly like the rush hour traffic where the M25 meets the M2!


3.  This was the first video I made using the new software.  I never intended [posting it on YouTube as I was just practising the editing process.  But a few have been interested in the upper reaches of the River Colne.  Past Rowhedge and Wivenhoe is very pleasant and will be useful if you plan to do a lunch-time HW stay at Rowhedge.


4.  This is the video about the ‘Departing berths : ultimate destinations’ supplement in the previous page:


These video are quite different.  I fitted an Onwa chart plotter (and other kit) as part of an upgrade for the survey kit after the theft we suffered.  I like the kit and just out of interest I made two videos; the first demonstrating how the Onwa multi-function display works, the second, a sort of animation explaining the flexibility to mix and match other kit with the MFD.  I am NOT paid to do these; I just enjoyed learning how to use and benefit from the kit.

The Overview:


The Flexibility, expansion and inter-operability:


Plans for future videos include:

At a request; just how did I change the 2nd edition tables to the 3rd edition tables;

A comparison of different Imray chart products - full charts (C Charts), Y charts, Leisure packs, electronic chart and App;

Next season; just how do we conduct amateur surveys.

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